Along with content and technology, exceptional customer care is essential to what Cognistar offers its clients and partners. The company’s complete customer support program encompasses all of those who use Cognistar’s courseware, from the individual user to the corporate IT department. 

Please use the links below to answer many common questions.

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Student User Guide

Personal Assistance

We are available Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. Please contact us at:

Email: customersupport@cognistar.com
Telephone: +1 (614) 362-4105

Users of Internet Explorer 9 and Higher

If you are using IE 9 or higher and are experiencing difficulty with a course or final segment that will not complete, please turn on Compatibility View by clicking the Compatibility View button next to the web address; it looks like a piece of paper with a jagged rip across its middle.

You may have to click through all the segments again AFTER enabling Compatibility View in order to see the certificate code pop-up and complete the course.

If the button is not visible, Compatibility View settings can also be accessed from the TOOLS drop down menu in IE:  
Tools > Compatibility View and Compatibility Settings

Please click on this link from Microsoft to help you enable compatibility view for this site (will open in a new window):

Returning Subscribers

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